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Grand Prix
United States Grand Prix
1970 © Peter Pleitner

This website is for classic car enthusiasts to inspire adventure, travel, conversation, and culture as much as their interest in cars — without the exclusivity of Marque worship and the overhead of a car club. My hope is that readers will be motivated to organize their own small groups of enthusiasts to drive their classics to interesting events or destinations and invite younger people along for the ride. I appreciate your comments and suggestions so please contact me or communicate with me via my blog.

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My posts are about classic car events and road trips with some irreverent commentary about buying, owning, restoring, and driving classic cars.

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These easy to read articles provide practical advice to help auto enthusiasts who are collecting and restoring classic cars.

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These fantastic books and articles are a great introduction to sports cars and racing. My brief reviews will help you decide which to get first.

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